There is no doubt about it but making pottery is great fun – and when you go home with something you have made that fun turns into an achievement and makes you want to do more!

Here at Stanhoe Pottery we have designed a series of introductory lessons. From complete beginners to advanced students we cater for all. From working on the three pottery wheels, coiling pots or sculpturing in clay, most students find it such fun that they continue with us and concentrate on their favourite form of pottery.

The lessons are not awkwardly concurrent. A full diary for one week, holidays, visitors? We do fully understand. Lessons can be booked on a weekly basis when it is convenient to you.

We have four new students who have just started in the Pottery. We love to see how they begin to relax with the clay and learn what it can do. Our other students encourage them and give them ideas.

We do hope you will join us at Stanhoe Pottery and become part of our pottery team. I promise you, you will enjoy the experience! See you soon.

Telephone for details: 01485 518 236

Several of the students are working on large coil pots and are doing very well. It keeps the Pottery Slave busy making more coils for them! Another is making a large plate from a press mould. She has been drawing a design to glaze on after the plate has been bisque fired. Others are either glazing or turning their pots ready for the first firing.

A student has started a project to make a totem pole for her garden. Of course this will have to be made in sections to fire it, each section to be joined by a link. This will be very interesting. How high will it finally be!

Another student has done a painting on canvas and now wants to replicate it made out of clay on a clay plaque. I love to listen to the students chatting and discussing how they will glaze their pots. Ideas are shared, colours decided, and the work done before firing. Final firing is always a nervous time for students – will the glaze colours come out as expected?


Hare Pot

A student’s work called ‘Hare Pot’ just out of the glazing kiln. I am so delighted when a student produces a piece of work like this. I do feel it needed a watery moon in the background just to create that special effect. Perhaps next time!

This student loves to coil her pots. This large pot shows how skilled she is becoming, not only in the pot structure but just look at the movement she has created in the fish decoration. I am very pleased with her!

This is a stunning pot! So much design and work has been done on this by the student. It makes my teaching so worthwhile when work is produced like this!

On the reverse the dragon appears wrapped around the pot. The dragon flows as if moving. It makes a very forceful statement.

The decoration on this large pot is of two mad March hares boxing. Using the one coloured glaze emphasises the two figures but the pot is beautifully finished by a base decoration.

A student has made this friendly little chap. Everyone is trying to think of a name for him. Have you any ideas?

Dragon feature

Another dragon feature by the same student. Look how she’s wrapped the feature around the pot! Very good


We all love this hen. She’s so full of character!

Quite a character, isn’t he? This student loves birds and animals. He was quite an attraction in the studio!

Green Man

A Green Man (or Woman) in the making. Each leaf was made individually.

I love this one. A rigid shape but with such interesting decoration of swirling shapes and colour contrast. This student always comes up with imaginative ideas!


The student who made the figure with the dress has decided to make another one slightly larger this time.

A nicely proportioned piece by one of the students. I feel the lid finishes it perfectly especially curved as it is.

Two vases

I am very pleased with these two vases made by a student. He has used the glazed rings to enhance the vase shape. And it works well!

Two sections of the totem pole

Two sections of the totem pole which lock together. I love the natural glaze on this work just highlighted with the red. How high will she go?

City landscape

I am really pleased with the city landscape. She has done well!

The very interesting beginnings to a new large pot. I wonder what this student has in mind?