Examples of my teapots


During the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644 CE) it was discovered that steeping the tea leaves in a lidded vessel produced a better brew, which led to the invention of the teapot.

Steve Woodhead, anexpert teapot maker, wrote: “The teapot is one of the most challenging objects to make, both from a technical and aesthetic point of view. Creating a teapot that functions correctly requires a great deal of skill and an intimate knowledge of the form.”

I agree! But there is something special in making a teapot. Yes, there are the ridiculous forms suited more for a display cabinet, and then there is the main standard shapes and forms that are used every day. I love to make a teapot which is decorative to look at, is functional and more a sculpture which is so enjoyable to hold. So I make teapots which are unique to me and are so popular with customers.


How I make my teapots